Your journey is different and so is the impact that you make along the way.

That impact shows, not only in the way that you walk your journey, but in the journeys of others who walk along with you.

It’s felt in the minds of those who you have inspired to stand up, and in the hearts of those who walk alongside you.

No one takes the journey of life by themselves or has it all figured out from the start.
Your journey is the sum of the sacrifices made by you and those around you, perhaps the kind influence of a mentor, or your teammate who always walked to soccer practice with you.

We are all a part of each other’s journeys.

At Tekkie Town, we celebrate the mark that you will make when you walk your way and the path that you will leave for others to follow.

No matter what that journey is. You’ve got hopes and aspirations in your heart, and all you need to do is take the journey to reach out and grab them, and in doing so you’ll inspire others to start on theirs!

Take inspiration from these journeys to see how real people just like you, from humble beginnings and every walk of life, have taken steps towards their dreams! And then tell us yours…

MV has always loved running and his passion to keep moving forward has seen him make strides as one of South Africa’s premiere trail runners. It didn’t come overnight, but his perseverance and love for hitting the trails led him to earning a national record while overcoming many obstacles. As with all the Journeys in our series – MV’s shows us how each of us – as individuals – Walk our own Way. No matter what that is – it’s about your journey.

There is always joy along the way, just be sure to put your best foot forward. Just as we all have, Luvuyo has faced difficulties in his life. Whether those have been professional or personal, Luvuyo has applied the same discipline to make the shift to find himself on the journey that he is on, and to find joy in that journey. By always putting his best foot forward, Luvuyo has become one of the top athletes in the world in his age group. But more importantly - as it should be for all of us - he has found joy in the journey. You too, need to find what makes you happy and prioritise your journey.
Performing has always been Thoko’s passion. That passion has been the driving force behind her journey from star of the school play to performing in front of thousands at some of South Africa’s biggest festivals. We all have to choose something to dedicate our lives to - just as Thoko has dedicated her life to her art, that’s what makes life a journey. Listen to our Women’s Day playlist celebrating Thoko here:

Womens Day Spotify Playlist

Hard work pays off. There are very few journeys that embody that principle as well as South Africa’s rising FIFA eSports Star, Thabo ‘Yvng Savage’ Moloi. For the most part, he’s a cool, calm and collected individual. That is, until he’s got a controller in his hands and you’re standing in the way of his journey to the top. That’s when the passion is revealed and the ruthless competitor comes out to play! That’s what makes him… The Champ.